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North Carolina

North Carolina DWI


2 Important Steps to Follow If You Have Been Charged with a DWI in North Carolina


  1. Understand a DWI charge is a serious matter.
    If you are convicted of DWI in North Carolina, the consequences will follow you for a long time. Having a criminal record can severely hinder your future, employment opportunities, and may limit the freedoms you enjoy.
  2. Promptly hire an experienced DWI Defense Attorney.
    DWI laws and courtroom proceedings can be confusing to understand on your own. Partnering with an attorney who has experience assisting people charged with drunk driving can make an incredible difference in your case. For assistance, please call ###-###-###, or select your country from the menu provided above and proceed from there.


Every DWI attorney on DUI.com offers an initial free consultation to discuss your DWI charge with you.


To start fighting your DWI charge in the state of North Carolina, please scroll up to the drop-down menu to find a North Carolina DWI defense attorney in your county.  Time is a critical factor in beginning a DWI case, so click now.


DWI Laws in North Carolina


North Carolina is an Implied Consent state, meaning that when you were issued your driver’s license, you agreed to submit to any sobriety tests from law enforcement if you are suspected of driving while intoxicated.


You are considered intoxicated under the law if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08% or higher.  If a chemical test confirms driving while intoxicated (DWI) this will instigate two legal proceedings. First is a criminal charge which will be resolved in a court of law. Secondly, the North Carolina Department of Transit will suspend your driving privileges.


North Caroline belongs to the Interstate Driver License Compact. The state shares your DWI information with all other partnering states in the compact.  Therefore, a DWI conviction will follow you, and law enforcement from outside states will know if your license is currently suspended.


For more details while time is a critical factor, please seek a confidential and free consultation with an experienced DWI defense attorney in North Carolina.